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My brother was…

A book to help with bereavement for children

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Written by: Elaine Hoter
Clay Sculpture: Jonathan Bereskin
Illustration and Graphics: Nadia Adina Rose

About Gavriel

Gavriel was born on Holocaust day- April 17th 1985. (27th of Nissan) and was murdered at the age of 17 and a half by Arab terrorists while on kitchen duty at the Yeshiva in Otniel where he studied.

Gavriel wrote his life story when he was 14 as an English project. You can read it here.

Gavriel was born in Kfar Adumim, near Jerusalem. Kfar Adumim is a community settlement where religious and non-religious Jews live and attend the same school. He went to the crèche and had many good friends that were to remain his friends all his life. He was what people would call the perfect child. He always listened and thought before doing anything and got on well with everybody. From a very young age he seemed much older than his age and he always wanted to learn more.

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