Letter to The Jewish Telegraph

From Barbara Ordman

For many of you, today will have been the first time that you will have heard about the tragic events of last Shabbat. It adds to my personal pain to know that a massacre is only a massacre when Palestinians are killed, but when our beautiful young boys are murdered, it merits only a few words in The Times and nothing at all on the News. I am writing this to you because otherwise I will be as guilty as my fellow Israelis for not making sure that you know what is going on here, for not giving you enough information. Please forgive me if the information is mixed with emotion but that is exactly how it is here.

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Otniel victims laid to rest

Over a thousand people flocked to the community of Re’ut Sunday afternoon to pay their last respects to Zvi Ziman, killed Friday night by Islamic Jihad terrorists at the Otniel Yeshiva. He was one of four killed in the attack, three of whom were buried Sunday.

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