Midreshet Gavriel

Center for the Development of Midot (Personal Character Traits and Behavior)

In the Footsteps of Gavriel Hoter HY’D

Midreshet Gavriel was established in order to perpetuate the memory of Gavriel Hoter who was murdered on Friday night, the 23rd of Tevet, at his Yeshivah in Otniel. Its primary goal is to encourage young people to follow in Gavriel’s footsteps by adopting one of the outstanding qualities that characterized him: Gavriel made a constant and conscious effort to improve his midot – personal character traits and behavior and to strive to become an even better person. The Midrasha has taken upon itself the task of awakening in every individual the desire to make such self-improvement a personal goal.

The midrasha offers musical performance by the Hoter family accompanied with stories and midrashim in English. These performances are tailored made to the age and background of the audience. To book please phone Ben Yishai Hoter at 050-887-5554

In addition the center gives workshops to youth and students from abroad in English about terrorism coping with terror and the strength to go on after terrorism has struck. These sessions are given by Dr. Elaine Hoter, Gavriel’s mother. They include film music and audience involvement. Students who have attended these workshops have marked the experience as a turning point in their feelings of connection with Israel and their understandings and commitment to Israel.

For details and bookings for the English workshops please phone 050 8875552


Shabbat Seminars for high school students

In order to achieve our goals for the Center for the Development of Midot we will conduct Shabbat seminars for Israeli high school students. During these seminars, we will walk hand in hand with students in an attempt to encourage them and help them begin the internal dialogue of self-improvement. The Shabbat program will include a moving excursion on Friday, and a variety of activities during the Shabbat, designed to be both a spiritually uplifting experience and also a springboard for stimulating the students’ desire to strive to improve their midot.

The seminars will be run by experienced counselors, who will address the special needs of each group. The seminars will be held in various places throughout the country, and the price will be kept low in order to encourage participation in this important self-learning and self improvement experience, an ongoing life experience which is the foundation of our existence, as Jews and as Human Beings. The Midrasha will also organize excursions throughout Israel of a special quality and atmosphere in order to strengthen the ties between students and the Land of Israel.

For more details, please contact Midreshet Gavriel or phone 050-8875554

Goals of the Midrasha:

to be a center for the perpetuation of Gavriel’s Hoter’s blessed memory and to encourage others to follow in his path.

Secondary Goals:

  1. to deepen personal introspection, work on and improvement of midot (personality traits and personal behavior)
  2. to bring different groups within Israel together in order to foster freely given love among Jews and to strengthen the ties within the nation of Israel.
  3. to awaken and strengthen the service of G-d

Activities of the Seminar:

  • Musical performances accompanied by stories and midrashim
  • Shabbat Seminars centering on the topic of improving ones’ Midot.
  • Work shops in preparation for the high holidays in high schools
  • Excursions for Youth and Adults in Israel
  • Workshops for students and youth from abroad
  • Evenings of learning, lectures and lessons
  • Publications of learning materials ( We have published a book about midot in Hebrew and a CD of songs and a film about Gavriel with both a Hebrew and an English version as well as a children’s book in English to help families cope with bereavement)
  • An information center
  • Internet Site